Established 1948

The Weber School of Dance Curriculum

Ages 3 to 6 • Pre-schoolers will love the school importance of Kinderdance. Our carefully designed one hour class, combining pre-ballet and tap, will teach basic dance skills, response to rhythm, motor skills, coordination, proper posture and group response needed by the shyest to the most assertive individual child.

Studying the art of ballet develops strong, lithe bodies, graceful growing lines with special attention on body positions, posture and correct body placement, while overcoming shyness through self assurance, poise and a feeling of accomplishment.

The exciting progression to pointe for girls from age 13 who are thoroughly trained in the use of basic ballet techniques, provides a new excitement and additional challenges in the art of ballet. Pointe classes require teachers permission and students must take 2 ballet classes a year.

Studying tap trains young dancers in the awareness of rhythm, syncopation and coordination, resulting in strong body and foot development. Tap also assists in the development of early motor skills.

Musical Theatre Class
A class designed for Jr. & Sr. High School students interested in participating in Drama and Musical Theatre productions requiring staging, basic dance techniques, and movement skills.