Established 1948


Registration for summer classes will begin April 15th, 2023!

Welcome to Weber School of Dance

73  years of dance excellence

Thank you for another rewarding year of dance. We hope the annual recital was fun, exciting and a memorable experience for all. Your child is important to us. We firmly believe in the value of dance education for the future development of your child’s mind and body. Proper dance training will make a difference in your child’s posture and the way they walk and move. They will move with confidence as well as being poised and graceful. Our students will experience the joy of dance as well as rhythm, memorization, and movement coordination. The primary focus of Weber School of Dance has always been to teach and nurture a love of dance.

The Weber School of Dance was established in 1948 by Bill Lee Weber and Bette Weber Flock. They have trained many professional performers, and created many wonderful memories for scores of students. We begin this school year with a great deal of nostalgia as we celebrate 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of students. We hope your child’s memories will be just as special.

We are proud to pass along our vast knowledge and experience for the last seventy years. Many of our graduate students are now dancing professionally on Broadway, in London, movies and many regional theatres and colleges. Some students have chosen to become dance educators.